Did you ever imagine that your mobile phone could become your wallet? Now with

Ma7fazty, we've made it a reality.

Ma7fazty redefines the way you perform your daily money transactions, by transforming your standard wallet into a mobile wallet.

Explore the next generation of electronic money transactions, now at the tip of your fingers.

Download the application for free.


Ma7fazty combines all your essential daily money transactions in one mobile application. It's a highly effective method of facilitating and simplifying secure money transactions… all in few simple steps.

Send and receive money, pay your utility bills, your mobile top-ups and ADSL. You can also purchase goods & pay for services from selected merchants, and cash in and cash out from any ALEXBANK branch or Fawry agent …..your possibilities are endless.

Simplify your life…Discover ALEXBANK's mobile wallet Ma7fazty today.

Fawry Services

With Fawry, you can pay almost anything, from phone bills, to cinema tickets, and even utility bills.

Fawry is the most convenient electronic payment service, now available through your phone!

Send Money

You no longer need a bank account to transfer money…

Ma7fazty allows you to easily send money to your friends, family, or any Ma7fazty user instantly!

Cash In & Cash Out

In a rush and need instant cash…?

No need for a credit card, with Ma7fazty it's possible to withdraw cash straight from your mobile phone.

It's simple and easy, visit your nearest ALEXBANK branch or Fawry outlet to cash in or withdraw the cash you need.


Change the way you make payments…whether you're buying a new TV or paying for dinner, you no longer need to carry cash or credit cards!

Make instant payments to any Ma7fazty enabled merchant simply via your mobile phone.

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My Balance

Deposit and cash in up to EGP 20000 & cash out up to EGP 10000 on your Ma7fazty account and keep track of your balance directly anytime of the day.

Simply click on "My Balance" from your homepage menu to instantly check your balance.

More Features

That's not all! Ma7fazty provides you with a multitude of useful features, all in the palm of your hands.

Contact us directly with one click, track all your daily transactions, or even store a list of your frequent bills, merchants, and friends….all developed to make your experience easier and more personalized.

* For android customers to accesses the app your Version number should not be less than 5.0

Apply Now

All you need is a valid mobile number! It's that simple…

Download the Ma7fazty application available on the App Store or Google Play today for free and visit your nearest ALEXBANK branch to start enjoying Ma7fazty.

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